Furano The Skiing Jewel of Central Hokkaido

The Japanese island of Hokkaido is famous for its picturesque ski resorts, in the middle of unspoilt rural country. Most of these are unrivalled when it comes to deep powdered snow. This is thanks to northerly Siberian winds, which deposit several meters of snow on fantastic ski terrain.

One gem in central Hokkaido is Furano. This is a ski resort with an almost perfect balance of wild terrain and modern amenities. Furano is a top winter resort, and has deservedly earned itself a place in the ski world cup. This is mainly because of its perfectly groomed long runs. The resort has an enviable reputation for perfect snow conditions, with light and fluffy powder that is usually knee to waist deep.

The weather at Furano is more pleasant than in the larger resorts at Niseko. There are more sunny days here, giving you enjoyable outdoor conditions and scenic views. Furthermore, Furano is a quaint Japanese town, where you can experience authentic Japanese lifestyle devoid of outside influences.

How to get there

The Furano Resort is located 141km northeast of Hokkaido’s capital Sapporo. It is also 59km south of the nearest city Asahikawa. The easiest route to Furano is via Asahikawa Airport, which has flights originating from Tokyo, Seoul, and Osaka. There are also flights into the New Chitose Airport at Sapporo.

It is a 3 hour bus ride from the New Chitose Airport to Furano, with convenient stops at the major hotels. It is also a one and a half hour’s bus ride from Asahikawa city, and only an hour’s ride directly from Asahikawa Airport.

There are also train services from The New Chitose Airport to Furano via Sapporo, which take two hours. An alternative train route is from the Chitose Airport to Asahikawa via Sapporo, and then onto Furano. This takes two and a half hours. The train ride from Asahikawa City to Furano takes an hour.


Getting there

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