Furano food and nightlife

Furano has Japanese influences in every restaurant. There is little western style food, except pizza and pasta in a handful of establishments. The restaurants at the ski resort and in the town have a wide variety of Japanese food, including sushi, noodles, izakaya bites, and curries.

The nightlife at Furano is more relaxed and low key than at Niseko. Soh’s Bar, Top of Furano and the Furano Brewery are convenient watering holes near the ski areas. Furano town has nice izakaya type bars, and a lovely karaoke place called the Dream House Kingyo. The latter also serves great Furano white wines.

Furano ski resort has everything you need for your winter holiday. There are excellent facilities and amenities more than at other resorts in the country. It is also a family friendly resort, with lots of skiing activities for both beginners and advanced skiers. All in all, this is a perfectly balanced resort, with Japanese flair and western comforts in one great package.