Hakuba: Great Skiing in the Japanese Alps

The Hakuba Valley in the Japanese Alps offers some of the best skiing anywhere in the country. With peaks towering close to 3000 meters, Hakuba is a skiing haven. The valley receives over 11 meters of snow each year, with the best powder for great skiing. Furthermore, this destination has different resorts, each with its own unique characteristics. This makes it an ideal winter holiday spot for all types of skiers.

Few places can boast of the varied terrain and courses available at Hakuba. This is coupled with great facilities for skiing, including many lifts and well groomed pistes. Hakuba is also packed with great entertainment, food, and accommodation. This is perhaps more than at any other resort in the country. This has made it a top holiday spot for international and well as local visitors.

The close proximity to other resorts in the Alps makes Hakuba town a perfect base to explore other resorts in the area. The Hakuba Valley has a total of 11 ski resorts and several villages, with the main hub being Hakuba town. Any visitor will therefore find much more than they expected here.

Getting there

Hakuba is located on the main Japanese island of Honshu. The nearest city is Nagano, which lies 44 km to the East in the Nagano Prefecture. The Hakuba Valley is therefore just an hour’s drive from Nagano. Tokyo is located a further 270km to the southeast, providing easy access by air through Narita Airport.

The quickest way to get to Hakuba is by train to Tokyo from Narita Airport, then via a bullet train to Nagano. From there you can connect by bus to Hakuba. This journey takes just about 4 hours.

There is also the option of taking a direct shuttle or taxi from Narita Airport to Hakuba. This takes about 6 hours and costs more. Another route is by train from Narita to Shinjuku, and then by bus to Hakuba, This will also take about 6 hours.

Getting there

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